PollUp.io, Ames

PollUp.io began very simply; just three guys that wanted to create a cool software application. Kenyon Brown, Dave Leo, and Neil Saigal decided to develop a business-to-business tool that would “make work more enjoyable.” They started working on the app in October of 2015 and began developing a company business plan the following March.

PollUp.io discovered the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) through Iowa State University’s Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship. “[I] knew [SBDC Regional Director] Ted Bair and immediately felt comfortable working with the organization,” writes Kenyon. The SBDC conducted market research for PollUp.io during the summer of 2016, helping them develop their minimum viable product. After a period of customer discovery and development, PollUp.io launched their pilot program in December of that year. They then used what they learned from the program to refine their product and successfully launched their app commercially on March 6, 2017.

PollUp.io is a feedback software that assists companies with training, engaging, and increasing productivity with employees. “You wouldn’t check in to see how your spouse is feeling once a month. You would instead talk to your spouse every day. So, why would you treat your employees (the people you arguably spend most of your time with) any differently?” asks Kenyon. PollUp.io uses polling to gather feedback from employees in a timely manner, helping to build a stronger company culture, while providing a return that benefits the bottom line. The company currently operates out of Ames, Iowa.

Kenyon describes the assistance they received from the SBDC as “quick, simple, and effective. It allowed us to further understand the market we were getting into,” he explains. “This was especially needed as we were entering a new ball game for us in terms of who our potential customers were. [The SBDC] allowed us to discover the best ways to further communicate and build relationships with companies we wanted to work with.”

PollUp.io plans to continue expanding their company, with a new development that the industry has been desperately needing coming hopefully by the end of the summer. They were recently nominated as one of the top five student start-ups in Iowa by the Technology Association of Iowa, yet they would describe their biggest triumph as launching a product that solves the exact problem they set out to solve back in October of 2015.

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