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What is a Certificate of Existence and Do I Need One?

You may be asked for a Certificate of Existence by a lender or if you do business in another state. What exactly is a Certificate of Existence? A Certificate of Existence is simply a document that indicates that your business is properly registered with the state and have followed all state requirements. It serves as […]

Is an SBA 7(a) Loan the Right Business Financing Option for Right Now? – Blog post from Ryan Collins, a commercial lender with Lincoln Savings Bank

Is an SBA 7(a) Loan the Right Business Financing Option for Right Now? With the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) reporting that 92% of small businesses have been negatively impacted by coronavirus pandemic, the Small Business Administration has become an even more critical financial resource. The SBA’s business relief Payroll Protection Program has captured […]

Online Transactions and Iowa Sales Tax

In today’s business world, more customers are moving to online purchasing as an alternative to in person transactions. Covid-19 has only increased the amount of online shopping consumers are doing. In Iowa, there are laws that both businesses and individuals must be aware of and in compliance with when selling or purchasing online. Retailers: » […]

Thoughts from Todd – We’re In This Together

Originally posted in Siouxland Magazine. Wow, what year we are having! COVID-19 has affected not only everyone in the United States, but over 180 other nations as well. It seems like we can’t go 5 minutes without hearing more bad news about the impact of the virus on our daily lives.  As a state, we […]

How the SBDC Can Help with COVID-19 Response

Now that we are several months into the economic crisis associated with COVID-19, many small business owners feel at a loss for how to make informed decisions about whether the business needs economic disaster recovery assistance – or further assistance! – and how to cover expenses moving into the future. Many have also discovered that […]

How to Succeed in Building an Online Amazon Retail Business

COVID-19 has caused many small businesses to rethink their selling methods. Just because your doors are closed, doesn’t mean you have to stop selling your products. Becoming an Amazon retailer will help you sell your products online. Follow these steps from Todd Rausch, Western Iowa Tech SBDC Regional Director, to learn how to start your […]

Engaging Through Remote Work

For many businesses, COVID-19 will bring about a new way of doing business as normal. An increase in employees working from home (or other safe out-of-the-office location) is one example. What was initially a short-term measure to accommodate social distancing for pandemic mitigation will, for many businesses, result in a long-term increase in remote work […]

Reinventing Your Small Business to Survive COVID-19 — Blog Post from Iowa Western SBDC Director, Sue Pitts

There is a video of Simon Sinek and his team on YouTube where he talks to his team about pivoting their roles in his business. He talks about how COVID-19 is NOT unprecedented. That although very sudden and devastating, Covid-19 is not the first-time businesses have been challenged. The Internet changed the way we shop, […]

Pivoting Today for Opportunities Tomorrow Advice for Small Businesses during COVID-19

As locally, nationally and globally, people are utilizing practices such as physical distancing and staying in place, many small businesses are being disrupted. Whether it be because of industry shutdowns, employee inability to work, lack of access to customers, cancelled events and travel restrictions, supply chain interruptions, cash flow shortages or a variety of other […]