Innovators Academy, Ankeny

After fourteen years of teaching in top-tier schools around the world, including New York City and Dubai, Annie Barrows combined her love of teaching with the future of technology to create a business that gives back to the youth in its community. Barrows started Innovators Academy to provide children with a “makerspace” where they can […]

KinoSol SBC, Ames

Four students at Iowa State University came up with an idea that they knew could not be put to waste. Clay Mooney, Mikayla Sullivan, Elise Kendall, and Ella Gehrke decided to create a solar-powered food dehydrator to fight hunger and food waste in foreign countries in September of 2014. They got involved in a competition […]

Gross-Wen Technologies, Ames

How would you feel if you created a product that could change the reality of hundreds of thousands of individuals? Martin Gross and Zhiyou Wen did precisely that. As a graduate student at Iowa State University, Martin and his professor Dr. Wen invented a sustainable water treatment system that utilizes algae to remove pollutants in […]

Nebullam, LLC, Ames

About six years ago, Danen Pool started developing a high pressure aeroponics unit as a hobby. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil; high pressure aeroponics delivers nutrients using a high pressure diaphragm pump. In early 2014, Danen realized he had the potential to […]

Saltlickers, LLC

“People would want this. They would buy this!” was the recommendation from Jennifer Knox’s friend when she tried Jen’s spice blends for the first time. Little did Jen know just how true her friend’s statement was. In 2011, Jennifer debuted her herb blends as holiday gifts, which eventually were sold in farmers’ markets in Brooklyn, […]

r-Pipe, Inc.

America’s SBDC Iowa helped Tom Cackler, President of r-Pipe, Inc., get prepared and apply for funding to develop and test materials to build a prototype of a better sewer pipe made from recycled materials. There are 740,000 miles of public sewers, plus 500,000 miles of private lateral sewers in the U.S. (EPA 2012). Improved products are […]

Green Start, LLC

Leonard Hoogerwerf and Kirk Brown received business advice and assistance from America’s SBDC Iowa so they could further develop and market their environmentally-friendly products. In March of 2014 Leonard Hoogerwerf and Kirk Brown established Green Start, LLC, a company that develops and markets advanced gas oxygen dissolution systems for aeration in wastewater collection and treatment […]