Dan and Debbie’s Creamery, Ely

Dan and Debbie’s Creamery, located in Ely, has successfully expanded over the years. Committed to building a sustainable farm and modern day dairy processing facility, they have dedicated themselves to providing the freshest, most wholesome farm-to-table dairy products in the area.  Today, the Creamery is home to squeaky cheese curds, handcrafted ice cream, and cream […]

Girls With Ideas, Cedar Rapids

How different would this world be if girls, from a young age, channeled their energy, passion, and enthusiasm into creative projects that built up the community around them? What if these girls were encouraged to be individuals with valid ideas, rather than discouraged by peers and social norms? What if girls truly believed that they […]

Iowa Elite Nannies, Cedar Rapids

Allisyn Skiles’ goal was to create a spin-off of a nanny agency she had previously worked for in Des Moines, IA. When she moved to Cedar Rapids in February of 2014, she did just that. With safety of children and alleviating stress of parents at the forefront, Allisyn successfully opened Iowa Elite Nannies. Iowa Elite […]

Dumpling Darling, Iowa City

While teaching English in South Korea, Lesley Triplett grew to love the food sold by the local street vendors, especially their dumplings. Before she returned stateside, Lesley learned some of the basic tricks to dumpling making from a woman who operated her neighborhood dumpling stand. Upon returning to the United States, Lesley found she missed […]

Exceptional Health & Weight Loss Solutions, Hiawatha

For about five years, Dr. Linda Hodges contemplated opening a weight loss clinic in Hiawatha, Iowa. As a physician, Linda already had other professional duties, but once she was confident enough to handle new responsibilities, she decided to pursue the idea. The first place she turned to was America’s SBDC Iowa (SBDC). “Once I decided […]

Sweet Raw Joy, Cedar Rapids

As a runner, Laurie Moritz of Cedar Rapids, Iowa wanted to eat flavorful healthy food to enhance her tough workouts. However, she had no interest in giving up delicious desserts in exchange for a healthier diet. She came across the idea of eating raw and learned that there is much more to the lifestyle than […]

Fix Salon, Cedar Rapids

The Iowa Small Business Development Center at Kirkwood Community College provided business plan and financing assistance to Juliet Pae-Corr so she could grow and expand her beauty salon/spa business. Juliet Pae-Corr had always wanted to be a hair stylist. Raised by a single mom after the death of her father when Juliet was a toddler, […]

We Run LLC, North Liberty

The Iowa Small Business Development Center at Kirkwood Community College helped Brian and Kris Tharp open their specialty running store by providing assistance developing a business plan and financial projections, helpful demographic market research, and advice on location, marketing, legal structure, and other start-up business basics. Brian Tharp started running to lose weight and realized […]

Ramsey’s Metro Market, Marion

Conrad Ramsey received help from the Iowa Small Business Development Center at Kirkwood Community College in optimizing his business plan, comparing possible locations, and finding financing so he could open his unique wine bar. Conrad Ramsey had always wanted to operate his own business. It was simply a matter of choosing the appropriate enterprise, recognizing […]

Milio’s Sandwiches, Cedar Rapids

The Iowa Small Business Development Center at Kirkwood Community College helped Joe Sipich develop his business plan, plus provided free market research, so he could open his franchise restaurants. Milio’s Sandwiches, located in the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Cedar Rapids, is a locally-owned franchise serving healthy, appetizing submarine sandwiches, soups, cookies, and beverages. Its sandwiches […]