Evanchyk Transportation, Davenport

Evanchyk Transportation, Davenport

Ron Evanchyk had years of experience in the trucking industry prior to his succession into small business ownership in Davenport, Iowa. Wanting to stop driving trucks for others and start working for himself, Ron wrote up a draft of a business plan and sought out more assistance from America’s SBDC Iowa (SBDC) at Eastern Iowa Community College.

Marsha Rinetti, director of the Eastern Iowa SBDC, was able to help Ron improve his existing business plan.  She also gave the hard working veteran suggestions regarding accounting.

“He really had his act together,” Marsha says. “He thought all this through and had done a lot of work prior to us getting together.”

After meeting with Marsha face-to-face multiple times, Ron had gathered plenty of advice about expanding the business plan, making it more thorough, and adding additional sections. Revisions were made and he was well on his way to owning a sole proprietor, owner-operator transportation company.

“Ron was very committed and worked very well on his own,” Marsha says. “He took my suggestions, submitted to the lender, and now he’s a business up-and-running.”

Ron’s company, Evanchyk Transportation, has been in business since the fall of 2014 and is leased to a trucking company out of Muscatine, Iowa called Curry’s Transportation Services. Ron’s company focuses on specialized flatbed freight, which includes any load that extends outside the limits of a typical truck trailer.

His wife, Kathy, is a key player in the company’s administrative work and Ron is mainly working out of the cab of his truck. He is working hard to keep up with booking loads, payroll, fuel taxes, obtaining permits, and more as his business develops a name for itself in the transportation industry.

“He was easy to work with and went and got the job done,” Marsha says. “I wish all my clients were so smooth and easy.”

Ron is very optimistic about the coming years with Evanchyk Transportation. He likes to remind himself that many of the major trucking companies started out as one-man trucks like himself. If any assistance is needed as the company continues to grow, Ron will definitely consider using the SBDC services again.

“They were very knowledgeable. Coming from my perspective, they had a lot of good information to kind of help me move along,” Ron says.

To learn more about this Davenport, Iowa business and Ron’s success in the transportation industry, find Evanchyk Transportation on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/evanchyktransport?fref=ts.

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