Nebullam, LLC, Ames

Nebullam, LLC, Ames

About six years ago, Danen Pool started developing a high pressure aeroponics unit as a hobby. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil; high pressure aeroponics delivers nutrients using a high pressure diaphragm pump. In early 2014, Danen realized he had the potential to turn his hobby into a business. In mid-2015, Clayton Mooney joined Danen, followed by Mahmoud Parto in 2016. The three men officially launched Nebullam in October of 2016.

SBDC Regional Director Ted Bair began advising Nebullam in early 2017, helping them adapt their business model for the market, and helping the team prepare for the company’s pilot launch. According to the team, “Ted Bair was helpful and asked critical questions any founder should be prepared for, and know the answer to. Ted’s expertise in new business helped Nebullam to reach business model decisions more efficiently—a necessity for new startups.”

Nebullam combines high pressure aeroponics with machine learning, offering a unique capability for commercial growers to enter fast growing markets without needing a seasonal location. The team is working on developing plug-and-play, fully automated systems, which will be leased to commercial growers all over the world.

The founders of Nebullam say that the folks at the SBDC “ask the right questions, and force the team to think critically about the business’ framework and vision. You need someone in your corner to do exactly that. It saves time and money.”

Nebullam started earning revenue in March of 2017, and is preparing for a seed round of investment and strong first year, with expansion in 2018. No matter what heights the business reaches in the future (even outer space), Nebullam is happy to call Ames home.

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Pictured below – Clayton Mooney.

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