SantosHuman, Coralville

Steve Beck is the President and CEO of SantosHuman Inc (SHI), located in Coralville, IA. SantosHuman provides virtual human-in-the-loop solutions through subscription licenses to Santos-enabled software products as well as services that leverage their unique ability to predict human physical behavior and performance. Santos technologies provide early stage design teams with human-centric insight at the […]

SERVPRO of Mason City, Mason City

Keith and Holly Messenger have owned SERVPRO of Mason City since October 2017, when they purchased the business from its original owners of ten years. SERVPRO provides a professional response to property damage emergencies. Clients include insurance companies seeking superior and timely restoration services, as well as commercial and residential property owners who require routine […]

Kaleidoscopes To You, Manly

Located in the small North Iowa town of Manly, Kaleidoscopes to You has been lovingly assembled from the merging of two family-owned businesses. Karl and Jean Schilling both came from entrepreneurial families. Karl began working with glass in junior high with a stained glass apprenticeship. Jean’s mother owned and operate The Plant Ranch, a florist […]

The Art of Education University, Osage

The Art of Education University, founded by Jessica and Derek Balsley in 2011, is a local Iowa success story of building a global company in a rural community. This business is located in Osage, which it is a small town in North Iowa with a population of around 3,600. The Art of Education University is […]

Petunias & Pixie Dust, Osage

Lacey Huisman and Michele Johnson founded Petunias & Pixie Dust for a simple reason- their community needed it. They had noticed that there was a common lament from their friends and coworkers in Osage- no one could find attractive and affordable clothing. Michele had been purchasing clothes online from online boutiques for years, but there […]

Café Sign Floral and Gift, Lenox & Bedford

Becky Smith has found momentous success in her recent start-up flower shop, Café Sign Floral and Gift. Like many Iowans, she has deep, family roots in agronomy and farming, and she has always felt drawn to using her skills to take care of the earth. After a 21 year career, she decided to change direction […]

Ice Cream Junction, Oelwien

While working as a janitor for the Oelwein School District, Robin Vinson passed by the empty Ice Cream Junction building every day. She felt like the business was calling to her because of its previous significance within the community. So in 2019, she purchased Ice Cream Junction and reopened June 1st. Ice Cream Junction is […]

Little Lights on the Lane, West Branch

In 2010 Erin came to the SBDC to expand her photography business. She wanted to start an event center for weddings and reception. Erin was looking for a building that she could purchase with some bank financing. However, banks were hesitant to loan her any money even though she and her husband had an excellent […]

Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie, Davenport

Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie, owned by Tiphanie Cannon, was started as a cupcake shop in May of 2014 but has since grown to offer other delicious baked goods as well as lunch. Using old recipes that were passed down through the generations to provide customers with the best, freshest homemade bakery items that the […]

S&B Farmstead Distillery, Bancroft

S&B Farmstead Distillery in Bancroft, Iowa is the proud vision of entrepreneur Sara Winkleman and comes from some unlikely beginnings. Sara is not a descendent from a family of distillers nor does she have an academic background or training in the distilling industry. In fact, she was originally a hair stylist and salon owner. So […]