The Reclaimed Wardrobe, Creston

The Reclaimed Wardrobe, Creston

After working at a modern consignment shop for women and children’s clothing in Creston, Candy Cain knew that she wanted to purchase and expand the business. On July 1st, 2017, Candy trusted her instincts and bought The Reclaimed Wardrobe. The Reclaimed Wardrobe is a modern, resale shop that carries used, gently worn, and even new (with tags) clothes. The Reclaimed Wardrobe provides customers with trendy, classic, and original garments at affordable prices. Candy has always had a love for clothing and had years of experience working in clothing stores, but was hesitant on her ability to run her own business.

Hearing of the SBDC years beforehand, she reached out to Brandi Shay of the South Central Iowa SBDC for assistance on how to move forward with her plans. Brandi has guided Candy in many different aspects along the way, such as providing information about an LLC, showing her multiple accounting resources, and assisting her with figuring out disability benefits. In Candy’s words, “Brandi is always there when I need her. I know I can call her about anything related to business, and she will help me with a lot of enthusiasm.”

Since Candy has purchased The Reclaimed Wardrobe, sales have increased greatly and continue to grow, especially after she reached out to the SBDC. Candy purchased a local consignment shop and turned it into a community centerpiece, where locals love to meetup and shop. She is extremely thankful for her community and how supportive everyone has been of her business venture. With such a boom in sales and customers, Candy is moving to a bigger space due to her growth in March, and has lot of new ideas to help her business continue to flourish.

Candy feels very blessed that she was able to follow her dreams and knew that she could succeed because it was something she felt passionate about. The speed of her success has come as an unexpected but welcome surprise and she eagerly awaits to see what The Reclaimed Wardrobe’s future will hold.

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