Two Lane Chiropractic

Two Lane Chiropractic

Des Moines, Iowa

Dr. Penny Hanson has worked within the Chiropractic profession for ten years. After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Penny reached out to her mentors on whether or not she should start her own practice. Her mentors had no doubts that she would be very successful running her own practice, and neither did she. In October of 2015, just after she graduated, Dr. Hanson found a space to run her practice and opened the doors of Two Lane Chiropractic five short weeks later.

Penny explained, “Going through this journey, I had been taught how to be a Chiropractor, but they don’t fully teach you how to run a business,” which is what led her to reach out to Jan Bruene at Mid Iowa SBDC. Jan assisted Penny in how to keep her budget low, resulting in Penny not having to take out any loans throughout her business start-up. She also provided multiple workshops for Penny to attend to help understand the financial side of running a business. When asked about the guidance she received from Jan, Penny said, “She was so great and helpful. She is a smart, educated, lovely woman who wasn’t judgmental at all. She was very genuine and truthful, which is how I want to run my practice.”

Since starting her practice, Dr. Penny Hanson has begun volunteering on Iowa Center for Economic Success’s Strategic Advisory Committee. She has found that giving back to her community is something she is passionate about, and helps create relationships and clientele as well. She frequently talks at local health and wellness conferences and has created a newsletter regarding Women in Business in Iowa, something else she has a passion for.

Penny wants to continue to give back to her community through her growing chiropractic practice, as well as encouraging women to follow their dreams of being business owners. Her success has shown with her more than doubling her patient base within her first year of business, and continuing to grow.

For more information on Dr. Penny Hanson and Two Lane Chiropractic, please visit her website at, her Facebook page at, on Tumblr as twolanechirodsm, on Pinterest as, on Instagram as twolanechiropractic.

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