The Vine – Faith Inspired Gifts & Supplies, Sioux City

The Vine – Faith Inspired Gifts & Supplies, Sioux City

Kelley and Devlin Bertrand had thought about opening a family business for many years. Wanting to assist the South Sioux City community expand their faith, they believed there was a need for a retail store where Catholics could purchase religious materials. In 2013, they decided to act upon those dreams and look into opening The Vine – Faith Inspired Gifts & Supplies.

The encouragement of Todd Rausch at the Western Iowa Tech Small Business Development Center helped them followed through with their plans having the mindset that they could succeed. They had originally reached out to Todd in search of knowledge for how to fund their new business venture, but the SBDC ended up helping them become more confident in their ideas as well as making sure the Bertrands were on the right track with their finances. When asked about their experience with the SBDC, they said, “It was a pleasure to meet and work with Todd. He is a good resource for ideas and experience.”

Selling religious gifts, books, and supplies since they opened, they are looking to continue their store’s growth by possibly providing more church goods. The Vine is already experiencing growth within their store just by changing their marketing strategies slightly, and keeping in contact with Todd. After adjusting the marketing strategies, they saw their sales increase by 64%, and hope to continue to grow. They have also experienced growth after raising awareness to multiple of organizations by carrying their products in The Vine.

With great reviews on customer satisfaction and the help of the SBDC, they have been able to help many different organizations raise awareness and many individuals in their faith journey.

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