Be Well God Bless, Osage

Be Well God Bless, Osage

Connecting small businesses with customers and peers while sharing their journey and story has been Angie Huffman’s goal for her family-owned business, Be Well God Bless. The company is an online directory that helps businesses create a social media presence and utilize marketing strategies, all while assisting members in building a community. Angie believes God has a plan for everyone and that everyone has opportunities to learn, share, and create a ripple in a positive way by interacting with others. Be Well God Bless allows its members to focus on individual talents while they work on marketing tasks.

Since middle school, Angie dreamed of working in the wellness field. After being an executive director for multiple wellness centers, Angie realized she was not living out the values she was teaching others. She quit her job, prayed, and found a wealth of resources that assisted her in this transitional phase of life. Angie realized she could provide this assistance to others by using technology and thus the idea behind Be Well God Bless was born.

“We want to help people share their experiences and their gifts with others,” she says.

Following a friend’s recommendation, Angie sought out the America’s SBDC Iowa (SBDC) office in Mason City, to get assistance with her business plan and lay out a budgeting framework. She describes her experiences with the SBDC as, “very positive, they were great to work with. They helped challenge me and were always kind and welcoming.”

Angie still keeps in touch with her SBDC counselor, Brook Boehmler, and states that, “all the people I’ve worked with from the SBDC have been very helpful and kind. I’m very glad that God has put them in my life.”

Angie is excited to be celebrating her company’s one-year anniversary and enjoys impacting lives and creating ripples in her community.

For more information on Be Well God Bless, please visit,, or call 641-732-0011.

Brook Boehmler and Angie Huffman.

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