QC Analytical Services, LLC, LeClaire

Leonard Hoogerwerf was assisted by the Iowa Small Business Development Center at Eastern Iowa Community College District in finding funding to launch a new product developed by one division of his commercial testing certified laboratory.

Leonard Hoogerwerf acquired Quad City Water Treatment Company in 2006. Founded in 1976, the company was a commercial laboratory, water treatment, contractual water, and wastewater operations service for local municipalities and industry. It grew into a 10,000 square foot full-service analytical testing laboratory so an educational center was built in 1993 to accommodate the growth.

With his passion for business excellence, Len envisioned growth potential for his new business. He renamed the company QC Analytical Services, LLC to be more indicative of its newly-combined product portfolio. It consolidates the sourcing of clients’ environmental and analytical test purchases to a single supplier. QC Analytical Services now focuses on three major divisions that best encompass its clients’ potential needs:  Analytical Laboratory, Green Start Products, and Managed Services.

Len came to the Eastern Iowa SBDC Regional Director Marsha Rinetti for assistance in funding the launch of a new product developed by his company’s Green Start Division. The product is a highly effective, energy efficient, relatively low-cost method of reclaiming waste water. The implications for municipalities, agricultural operations, and the restoration of rivers and lakes are mind boggling.

Together Marsha and Len discussed several options on financing, including Iowa’s Demonstration Fund, and other potential grants for waste water. She also reviewed Green Start Divison’s business plan and helped Len complete a Demonstration Fund application.

After several counseling sessions and further reflection, Len decided to go another direction with his search for funding. Instead of applying for an Iowa Demonstration Fund grant, he decided to pursue a joint venture with an international consulting firm.

Len says the following about the assistance he received from the SBDC, “My time with Marsha Rinetti, SBDC Regional Director, was beneficial reviewing grant options and other non-traditional finance options, as well as introductions to our state leaders.”

Together, Len and his employees offer solutions to clients across the United States. The Investigative Analysis/Special Projects division led by Dr. Randall Wanke delivers problem-solving capabilities for scientific inquiries. The Managed Services Division provides a qualified staff to service companies’ needs with a peace of mind, so they can focus on their business goals. Credibility, experience, quality, and conformity to clients’ needs—that’s how QC Analytical Services assists its customers.

Len’s company makes a significant, positive impact on the environment and helps its clients succeed financially. The goal at QC Analytical Services is to educate its clients on how to meet and exceed compliance regulations.

With the ongoing success of QC Analytical Services, Len could choose to relax and reap the benefits of his hard work. Instead, he is constantly moving forward, looking for new and better ways to preserve and protect our natural resources, and to make our world a better place. He will always have the ‘next new idea’. For more information on Len and his company, visit www.qcanalytical.net.

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