KASK Creative Art Workshops, Crawford

Kelsey Hipnar dreamed of developing a creative outlet for her local community in Crawford, Iowa. In 2009, she took the first steps to make her dream a reality by starting Kelsey’s Art Space for Kids summer camps (KASK Camps). Over the next few years, Hipnar expanded the workshops to include individuals of all ages and all art medias. In 2013, Kelsey took over KASK Creative Art Workshops as her full-time job and “never looked back.”

Kelsey is passionate about “providing a fine arts center to small business districts like Schleswig” and views it as “very important to provide creative outlets to these small communities.” Hipnar has increased sales by $4,000 in 2016 and looks forward to expanding her marketing department and launching her new website in the near future.

Kelsey sought information about renting a space for her business and the option of leading through America’s Small Business Development Center. She describes her experience working with SBDC as “Great, I benefit greatly from the bi-monthly meetings” and stated that SBDC has helped her with “marketing, new budgeting ideas, and focusing on quarterly goals not just annual ones.”

For more information, please visit their website at http://kelseydream.com/KaskCreativeWorkshop/index.html.

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