Zoarc Fitness, Dubuque

Conner Weitz graduated with a degree in Health and Human Physiology and a passion for fitness and promoting positivity. After training a wide variety of people, Weitz wanted to create a brand that would inspire, motivate, and educate all types of people on what it means to be healthy and fit. In the winter of 2017 this became a reality through the creation of Zoarc Fitness.

Weitz first came up with the idea in the summer of 2016, but began a doctorate program slowing the development of the business. After several business opportunities arose he decided to step away from school and focus solely on growing the business.  Weitz is the sole owner and employee of Zoarc Fitness and has great progress even with all of the challenges of being a small business owner.

Conner Weitz originally reached out to America’s SBDC in Dubuque the summer after he started Zoarc Fitness through a recommendation from a friend. “My experience so far with the SBDC and my counselors has been great. They have provided me with a lot of assistance and ideas… the SBDC has helped lead me to study areas that I hadn’t yet focused on.”  After meeting with a counselor, Weitz was able to clarify his vision for the business and take Zoarc Fitness to the next level.

“The assistance I received from the SBDC has been outstanding. If you are looking to improve your business in any way, I would recommend that you do not hesitate from seeking the assistance of the SBDC.”

Today, Zoarc has seen tremendous support from the community and a variety of athletes in promoting the brand. Weitz is in the process of creating a non-profit called the Zorac foundation to further serve the community through Zoarc’s mission of fitness, heath, wellness, and positivity.

For more information on Zoarc Fitness, please visit their website at www.zoarcfitness.com or their Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/Zoarcfitness.

Written by: Jolene Schaefer

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