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Josef Reed was, at first, reluctant to move back to his home state of Iowa—specifically the Des Moines area. Upon his return, however, he recognized the city’s need for his education, experience, and leadership skills as major cities similar to Des Moines switch to using IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. IoT is essentially the connection of various devices to an overarching network, creating a system in which those devices, such as lights, security doors, and paper towel dispensers, are all able to communicate with each other.

Having earned a degree in systems engineering, Josef was well situated to provide consultation on the design and implementation of these networks. “I kept hearing area leaders talk about technology and plans for the future,” he says, “but few fully understood how to accomplish these dreams or were crazy enough to push them through execution.”

Seeing that the Des Moines area has great potential for growth in the IoT industry, he set up an appointment with the Mid Iowa SBDC to discuss starting his own consulting business. After meeting with SBDC Regional Director Christina Moffatt—whom he emphatically calls a “rock star”—he decided to form Madréal Solutions, a business providing support and consultation for other businesses utilizing IoT technologies.

In addition to helping Josef define the role of his business, Christina provided Josef with crucial contacts, answered all of his questions, and found a sponsorship for him to attend the 2016 SMART Conference, where he met representatives from all areas of economic development in the state. “I got to hear problems from everybody and connected with key personnel to achieve solutions. I love being able to do that, it’s like a giant life puzzle that gets put together one by one,” says Josef.

Within six months of meeting with the SBDC and forming Madréal Solutions in February 2016, Josef has seen a significant uptick in clients, jumping from two projects to ten. He is still providing consultation to start-up businesses, and, because of his success, Josef was appointed chief executive officer of a company branching off of a larger organization. Josef believes that he would not be CEO without the help of the SBDC.

When asked about his plans for the future, Josef shared his intention to find a proposal the City of Des Moines put together for the US DOT Smart City Competition and to build off it, hoping Des Moines will gain access to federal funds for investing in smarter, more sustainable technologies such as net zero buildings and smart city technology. He is enthusiastic about bringing technological change to the Des Moines metro area and wants to leave a lasting impact on the city.

Currently, Josef is organizing a standards group that will help define safety in the growing IoT industry. Additionally, he has formed a non-profit children’s group that emphasizes life and leadership skills through MMA sports. Josef is also working with a retired senator and congressman to combat inner city problems by establishing a teaching program dedicated to business start-ups. It is clear Josef has a vision of change entirely outside of personal gain.

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