Drumslingers Academy, Waterloo

Ed Flack has always had a desire to share what he has learned about drumming with a new generation. Because of his knowledge about American traditional style, modern style, concert, jazz, and other styles of drumming, he felt passionate about passing on his talent. Ed opened Drumslingers Academy in Waterloo in January 2018.

Ed is running Drumslingers Academy completely out-of-pocket and wanted to make sure everything was done correctly in a legal perspective, so he reached out to Amy Dutton of the University of Northern Iowa SBDC to assist him. Amy provided information to Ed on how to establish his company and make sure he knew about the policies and regulations for operating a business in Iowa. Ed said, “[Working with the SBDC] was easy and enjoyable. Amy was so enthusiastic and encouraging. She presented me with a lot of real-world, practical advice and solutions that made everything seem realistic and achievable.” On top of helping him with establishing his business, Amy connected Ed with Chandar Boyle of Rock and Bach Studios and gave Ed a space to teach his drumming skills.

Ed believes that his biggest triumph throughout this process is the thrill of bringing something into existence out of nothing. “Making something real that I can feel proud of and to enjoy a sense of mission and accomplishment.” Ed feels extremely passionate about his clients and making sure that they feel challenged to succeed. Because of this, he has no issue with working hard to serve them. He has always enjoyed collaborative creative work and it can be stressful, but he enjoys the challenge.

Outside of work, Ed has donated his time to work with young drummers of The Kingdom Regiment Drill Team & Drum line in Waterloo. He has also refurbished old drums and donated those to the group.

For more information about Ed Flack and Drumslingers Academy, please visit his YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/Triplediddle/videos or Ed’s drum blog at www.thedrumslingers.blogspot.com/.

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