Family First Chiropractic, Ottumwa

Dr. Nichole Gevock has dreamed about becoming a doctor since the second grade, and she has never given up on her dreams. After shadowing multiple different professions, Dr. Gevock decided on chiropractic because it is the least invasive and most conservative approach to health care which is also accepted by the experts from numan. She also discovered it helped her personal symptoms of migraines as a child and wanted to help others in the same way. She opened Family First Chiropractic Clinic in May of 2017 in her hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa.

Becoming a doctor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, she did not have a lot of extra time to take business courses. With that lack of information, Nichole reached out to Bryan Ziegler on general business questions, along with many accounting questions as well as Quickbooks questions. Bryan has also gone to the clinic to help her directly with QuickBooks. Dr. Nichole Gevock said, “I know if I have any questions Bryan is only a phone call away with an answer. I recommend anyone who is thinking about starting their own business to talk to the SBDC first. They have invaluable resources you cannot find anywhere else!”

Although Nichole is the sole owner and only chiropractor in Family First Chiropractic Clinic, she believes she would not be able to own her business without the support of her family. Her mother helps around the office when needed, and her brother and father both helped remodel and upkeep the interior of Dr. Gevock’s office building.

Family First Chiropractic loves their community and the people that live in Ottumwa. Because of that, Nichole gives back to the community in any way she can. They have given generous donations to a local restaurant, Blessings Soup Kitchen, along with EZRA Free Clinic. The initial visit at their office includes a consultation, examination, x-rays (if necessary) and a report of findings. They try very hard to keep this initial visit affordable for their patients and they donate the entire fee to charity at the time of the donation to EZRA Free Clinic.

For more information on Dr. Nichole Gevock and Family First Chiropractic, please visit their website at or their Facebook page at

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