Rock and Bach Studios, Waterloo

Chandar Boyle opened Rock & Bach Studios in August 2017, which is a music school that allows multiple music teachers to collaborate under one roof. Chandar’s music school has a wide variety of musical styles available for her students to learn from multiple teachers that all have their own experience and expertise. She wanted a place where students could learn piano, drums, guitar, and vocals and come together and play in bands.

When in the process of opening Rock & Bach Studios, Chandar reached out to Amy Dutton of the University of Northern Iowa SBDC to assist her in setting up her business and exploring her financing options. After reaching out and collaborating with Amy, Chandar was able to set up her business with the state and received a lot of information about the specifics in how to run Rock & Bach Studios smoothly. “I am very thankful for all of the assistance provided by SBDC. “Without this guidance, I would have been lost trying to figure out the process.”

Chandar has experienced significant growth in her business knowledge and Rock & Bach Studios has experienced growth as well. Chandar explained that through SBDC’s counseling and her own encounters, she has dealt with many different business scenarios that have made her stronger, smarter, and better at what she does. Rock & Bach currently has seven teachers actively teaching lessons every week to over 100 students, with 4 additional teachers planning to teach classes that they are starting to promote. Other teachers have come forward with an interest to teach private lessons as well.

For more information about Chandar Boyle and Rock & Bach Studios, please visit their website:

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