Dan and Debbie’s Creamery, Ely

Dan and Debbie’s Creamery, located in Ely, has successfully expanded over the years. Committed to building a sustainable farm and modern day dairy processing facility, they have dedicated themselves to providing the freshest, most wholesome farm-to-table dairy products in the area.  Today, the Creamery is home to squeaky cheese curds, handcrafted ice cream, and cream top milk.

In 2013, the family decided to purchase the former Vavra Lumber Company in Ely. It was the perfect site for their production facility, and conveniently located within 5 minutes of their farm.

Dan and Debbie’s Creamery is truly a family-run business. Dan, Debbie, three of their sons and their daughter help run the operations. Daughter, Josie Rozum had to say, “All of us together make our operation work. We have our dairy farm and now the production facility and retail store. There are a lot of moving parts in our businesses and we all contribute in many different ways with the goal of creating the highest quality of milk to bring over to the creamery. Our hopes with all of that is to create a sustainable way of dairy farming that will live on for generations to come. Team work is definitely how we make things work in our family business.”

The creamery was recently the recipient of the Lely “Way to Dairy” Award, which grants the winning dairy operation with a robotic milking system. This will allow the farm and creamery to expand their educational reach and provide access to the community for a first-hand look into a dairy farm and processing facility.

Kirkwood SBDC Regional Director, Scott Swenson, connected the creamery with resources to expand their operations. He also helped with a business plan for their expansion, as well as marketing suggestions. Scott had to say, “I have been very impressed with Josie’s efforts since she began running the operations of the creamery. She is very determined and has a lot of great ideas – and she’s not done yet! I look forward to continuing to work with Josie and her family as they continue to grow their business.”

Congratulations to Dan and Debbie’s Creamy and best wishes for continued success! For more information go to: www.dananddebbies.com.

Success Story – Dan & Debbie’s Creamery

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