Inner Space, Des Moines

“In June of 2018 after years of personal development and self-searching, we received a download to create a space we wished would have existed when we began our journeys to self-mastery. A space to collectively share, co-create, and integrate experiences and opportunities for transformation. Our mission is fueled by the knowledge and awareness that humans have access to unseen powers of creation and to support each other in our individual and collective evolution.” In September of 2019, Alicia Newman and Brandy Gilmartin held the Grand Opening for their space, Inner Space Des Moines.

Inner Space is an integration center for self-mastery. They combine movement, meditation, community and even Des Moines’ first Himalayan Salt lounge to create an experience for your body and mind. They work with 50-60 contracted individuals and practitioners to lead workshops and events. Individuals can also lease or rent studios for their practices.

Their biggest triumph is watching customers walk into their space and experience the energy of being there. They like to see people come together to grow and connect. The most challenging part of starting their business is that they did not follow a standard start-up plan. Newman and Gilmartin created the business based on what felt right to them at the moment. They followed their intuition and never accepted anything less.

They hope to expand to different areas in the United States in the future.

Advice they would give to someone looking to start their own business would be, “Be solid in your why and stay connected to your vision. Also, make sure you are open to receiving support and to have gratitude for every experience along the way. Trust in taking the steps and allowing the support to show up.”

When asked about the assistance the SBDC provided, they had to say, “The SBDC assisted us in creating our Business Plan and our financial model as well as connecting us to various resources in the community. The SBDC was vital in our process of obtaining financing and gaining clarity in our business and financial structure. Working with Jenica was an extremely efficient process and was an integral part of building a solid foundation in the creation of our business.” A portion of their funding is from an SBA loan.

Visit them at, Facebook, and Instagram.

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