Sioux City Sprinkler, Sioux City

Sioux City Sprinkler was established in 1977. In 2006 Tori and Brad Jackson purchased the business. They install and repair lawn sprinkler systems for commercial and residential customers. Some of the sprinklers they repair are the original sprinklers dating to 1977 when the business first opened.

Their main focus as a business is for it to be 100% about the customers. They know that as long as they are treating their customers well and still have them they will still have a business. They market their business through emails, flyers, Facebook and phone calls.

Tori and Brad believe the most challenging part of running their own business is making sure that they keep work and home separate, especially since it is a husband/wife operation.

For the future they plan to get started and installing landscape curbing. They advise when getting started to learn the back office of your business. This helps you to know all aspects and not be behind on any part.

When talking about working with Todd Rausch, Regional Director for the Western Iowa Tech SBDC, they said, “Todd has been a tremendous help. He has given us all the information to go further with or business and notified us about the Goldman Sachs Scholarship which has been life-changing for our business.”

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