Two Girls One Bucket, Correctionville

Two Girls One Bucket Cleaning Services was started in March 2019 by owners Kayla Stines and Coral Toben. They are a traveling home and office cleaning service that travels all of Northwest Iowa. They provide regular deep detail cleaning and additionally can provide pet care. Currently they have two teams, comprised of two employees each.

Within the first month of their business being up and running they earned the trust of their local Mercy Medical Center in Correctionville and are working on a contract with nearby Akron Mercy Medical Center. Even though they are a fairly new business they stand out from others by being willing to take on bigger jobs, still charging their normal hourly rate. The most challenging part of starting and running their own business is balancing their kids, family life, clients and paperwork.

They help customers that have had life-changing events occur and not enough time to clean relieve the stress of having to tackle a dirty house. They bring in business by word of mouth and through the good reviews that their customers leave them on their Facebook page. In the future they hope to add more teams and be able to expand further than just Northwest Iowa.

They said about working with the Western Iowa Tech SBDC regional director Todd Rausch, “We started the next day because of the advice and encouragement from Todd.” The advice they would give someone interested in starting their own business would be to jump in and come up with an idea. “You never know if you never try.”

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