Rachel Dorr Accounting, Oakland

Rachel Dorr Accounting
Rachel Dorr, Owner

How did you come up with the idea for your business?
After freelancing through college (round 2), I knew I wanted to keep my current clients after I graduated. I wanted to maintain the flexibility of self-employment, and have the opportunity to help many small businesses vs one company as traditional employment would offer. It was then, I realized I should take my own advice and fulfill my desire to help small businesses in my community grow and thrive.

How has the SBDC helped you?
When I was getting started with Rachel Dorr Accounting I had reached out to the SBDC for all the helpful resources. You can click here to know more. Michael Mitilier, Business Counselor at the Iowa Western SBDC, has provided me with many opportunities for webinars, lunch and learns, consultation and helpful YouTube videos as well. I have made many great connections and have grown my network tremendously, thanks to SBDC. It is clear that the SBDC staff care about small businesses in the area and are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to getting you the right information.

How have you been impacted by COVID-19? Have you pivoted operations? How have you helped others during this time?
As we all know, people across the globe are being asked or required to stay home as much as possible. My small business did experience a shift due to COVID, but as I am not one who has many face to face interactions it was easier on my business than others. I am able to work remotely and do consultations over the phone or over video conference. Because of COVID-19, I have offered assistance with state and federal grants and loans, such as the Iowa Small Business Grants and Paycheck Protection Program. I have been able to discount some of my accounting services in an effort to help those businesses that have been greatly affected greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit Rachel Dorr Accounting at https://www.racheldorr.com/

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