Sweet Desires Bakery, Corning

Pom Plathong owns Sweet Desires Bakery in Corning, Iowa. After working at a bakery in Pella for a decade, then transitioning to another job opportunity of over-the-road truck driving. This new job opportunity opened Pom’s eyes to the business side a bit more and gave him a taste of it. After some time in this new role, Pom discovered the former owner of Sweet Desires was selling the bakery. He always dreamed of owning his bakery, so he took the leap of faith and purchased Sweet Desires.

There have been rewarding days and some struggles in transitioning to ownership of a bakery. But, Pom says, “every day has been the best day,” regarding his work at the bakery. At the beginning of April, Sweet Desires was able to do 500 donuts for the Corning Elementary School, which was very rewarding for Pom. Holidays are always another rewarding time for the bakery because they are busy and can be hectic. The good days have outweighed the struggle for Pom.

Pom admits the behind the scene aspects of the bakery were the biggest struggles. Getting used to doing the books and his first tax day as the owner was very stressful. Yet, he has not let these struggles slow him down. Pom is always looking for ways to bring new customers in and keep long-time customers coming back.

Jamie David, the Business Counselor for the South Central Small Business Development Center (SBDC) who helped Pom on his journey, has nothing but wonderful things to say about their work together. “It was an honor getting to play a part in helping Pom make his dream of owning a bakery come true. I enjoy stopping by the bakery when I am in Corning and getting to try his new creations, and seeing the support he gets from the community! He has a true passion for baked goods and serving those around him,” says Jamie.

Pom echoes a similar sentiment in his work with SBDC and Jamie. He was initially overwhelmed by the financial aspect and information, but Jamie provided a wonderful support system. She has been there to answer any questions Pom has and continues to do this for him. Pom offers a simple “thank you for all of your help getting us started” to Jamie and the others at the South Central SBDC office.

Learn more at Sweet Desires Bakery’s Facebook page.

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