LuLit's Hair Essence, Evansdale

Rosie Daniel started LuLit’s Hair Essence LLC in Evansdale after suffering from alopecia as a child.
Camouflaging and covering up her bald spot was difficult to deal with, so Rosie wanted to do something
more to help those suffering from hair loss. Thus, the idea for LuLit’s Hair Essence was born.

After losing her job in October of 2018, Rosie wanted to develop a way to supplement her husband’s
income, as going from two incomes to one was difficult. In July of 2019, Rosie’s hard work paid off, and she
was able to open LuLit’s Hair Essence LLC.

The products are made of eleven different organic herbs that Rosie has personally selected out of love and self-education. LuLit’s products are all-natural, and Rosie is currently helping cancer survivors and those with alopecia who are suffering from hair loss by using her products. The products are made for everyone, are affordable, and can help immensely with hair growth.

LuLit’s Hair Essence LLC was young, only six or seven months old when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This forced Rosie to change her plans, as she had not prepared for the economy to shut down. Yet, Rosie was able to keep her business afloat during the pandemic. Because of this, Rosie has some advice to offer to others, “always be prepared for anything disastrous to happen.” That was the most surprising part of opening her own small business, having to be prepared for disasters to happen and adapting to them. Another challenging aspect of starting her own business was getting everything together. Rosie found collecting all of the business documentation and tax information overwhelming. She did not know anything going into this adventure. Rosie is self-taught and learning as she goes. Reaching out for help has been vital for Rosie and the success of her business.

Rosie would like to offer simple advice to anyone looking to start their own business. She never thought she would be doing what she is doing, but she is, doing something she was previously unfamiliar with. “Don’t give up, never doubt yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help,” says Rosie.

Rosie met Amy Dutton of the UNI Small Business Development Center at a networking event in Waterloo. Amy was very helpful to her, as Rosie knew how to make the products but needed help with the business aspect. Rosie visited Amy two times a month and received help learning what documents she needed, finding resources, and getting all of her documents in order. Rosie says Amy was her person and helped her so much during this process. “The SBDC gave me the resources to start my business and be successful, helping me get to where I am today. Without me going to talk to Amy, I would not have known where to start. I am very appreciative of Amy and the SBDC,” says Rosie

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