The purpose of our State Advisory Board is to provide advice, insight and perspective to the state director and staff of America’s SBDC Iowa (SBDC) on matters pertaining to the operation of its statewide SBDC network, especially matters affecting small business owners and managers and their relationship with the SBDC.

Through this advice, the Board assists SBDC management in the development of short- and long-range plans for the SBDC, together with the means by which progress toward these goals can be measured. The Board is also asked to assist in developing support for the SBDC from state, federal and local elected officials; to promote communication between the Iowa small business community, state government, local economic development groups, Iowa SBDC stakeholders, and other business related organizations in Iowa; and to offer recommendations for improvement of counseling, training, public relations, and resource programs available to the SBDC and its clients.

Our State Advisory Board members are interested in furthering the efficient and effective delivery of services to the small business community of Iowa.

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