Des’s Paw Spa, Sioux Center

Deserie Mendoza is a young and successful entrepreneur from Sioux Center, Iowa. Her passion and love for animals is what drove her to begin Des’s Paw Spa. Using her knowledge from her vet-tech and cosmetology classes, she has gained the ability to jazz up our furry friends’ appearance.  

Deserie originally wanted to be a cosmetologist. Her love for animals allowed her to take the knowledge she gained as a cosmetology student and put it towards pet grooming. Deserie says that due to COVID-19 causing an increase in the number of animals in the Sioux Center area, her business has been a great success.  

One of the keys to Des’s Paw Spa is being bilingual as there is a large Hispanic culture within the Sioux County area. Deserie also works as a vet-tech, which she says helped her learn how to handle certain dog behavior. 

One of the most surprising aspects of her business has been her social media. “Clients come in asking me to recreate the work I post online. It helps to have a visual,” Deserie said.  

One of the biggest accomplishments for Des’s Paw Spa was the day she was featured in the newspaper. “It created a lot of attention, and it helped me reach new audiences. Not everyone has Instagram or Facebook. Being in the newspaper was important because I am trying to reach as many people as possible” She added.  

Deserie is a firm believer in her mission statement and says that trust is the most important thing in client relations. She wants clients and their animals to feel as if they can trust her, as grooming can be nerve-racking for the animals. 

Deserie says an important rule she follows is making sure to ask owners about their dog’s prior grooming. “I like to have an idea of what the dog might be like if they haven’t been groomed before. I allow more time for them because I want them to be comfortable and to have a good experience,” Deserie stated.  

When asked about her advice for business owners, Deserie replied, “Invest in it. Invest in all you have. It takes time to get customers and spread awareness of your business. The most important thing is to remain humble and stay positive. That allows you to get through anything.” 

Deserie noted Larry Wajda, Regional Director at the Northwest Iowa SBDC for his help when trying to begin her business. Larry guided her through potential costs that may arise, as well as different ways to try and increase revenue. Looking towards the future, Deserie has her eyes set on getting married next year. She wishes to put a shed in her new backyard that will allow her to utilize new space and will help her sell new products. If you want to keep up on the furry friends that Deserie helps, check out the links below. 




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