Evans Burn Boot Camp, Clive and Ankeny

REACT – RECOVERY – RESILIENCE SBDC IOWA CLIENTS SHARE THEIR COVID-19 JOURNEY Evans Burn Boot Camp Darci Evans, Owner How did you come up with the idea for your business? My husband and l live in Madison, WI, where I am a mom, trainer, and a full-time ER nurse. When I was 38 my friend […]

Creme Cupcake + Dessert, Des Moines

REACT – RECOVERY – RESILIENCE SBDC IOWA CLIENTS SHARE THEIR COVID-19 JOURNEY CREME CUPCAKE + DESSERT Christina Moffatt, Owner How did you come up with the idea for Creme Cupcakes? In the middle of a recession, I was tired of seeing people in my office with no joy in their day so my solution was […]

NanoBio Designs

REACT – RECOVERY – RESILIENCE SBDC IOWA CLIENTS SHARE THEIR COVID-19 JOURNEY NANOBIO DESIGNS Aaron Santos, President How did NanoBio Designs begin? NanoBio Designs is a start-up company dedicated to fast, easy-to-use, genetic detection devices. The company grew out of nanotechnology research conducted by chemistry professor Derek Lyons, Ph.D. and former physics professor Aaron Santos, […]

Inner Space, Des Moines

“In June of 2018 after years of personal development and self-searching, we received a download to create a space we wished would have existed when we began our journeys to self-mastery. A space to collectively share, co-create, and integrate experiences and opportunities for transformation. Our mission is fueled by the knowledge and awareness that humans have access to unseen powers of creation and to support each other […]

VWG, Indianola

VWG ’s Success Story “The most surprising and triumphant part of expanding my small business has been winning new opportunities with existing clients and gaining control over my everyday life.” Aaron Neely had worked in the imports industry for years prior to setting up his own small business, VWG. What started out as a side […]

Plot Twist Bookstore, Ankeny

Mary Rork-Watson has always dreamed of owning her own business and when the timing seemed right, she couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Mary began researching potential ideas and landed on an independent bookstore, due to the support given by the American Booksellers Association and the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association. Plot Twist Bookstore opened in April […]

Madreal Solutions, Clive

Josef Reed was, at first, reluctant to move back to his home state of Iowa—specifically the Des Moines area. Upon his return, however, he recognized the city’s need for his education, experience, and leadership skills as major cities similar to Des Moines switch to using IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. IoT is essentially the connection […]

Chiropractic Health and Wellness Clinic, Johnston

Dr. Aaron Giddings attended Grand View University for biology, and decided that he wanted to open a chiropractic office of his own. After receiving his doctor degree of chiropractic, he decided to work for an existing practice while he started the process of opening his own. Six months after the planning process began in 2009, […]

Two Lane Chiropractic

Des Moines, Iowa Dr. Penny Hanson has worked within the Chiropractic profession for ten years. After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Penny reached out to her mentors on whether or not she should start her own practice. Her mentors had no doubts that she would be very successful running her own practice, and neither […]

FinanSynergy and PractiSynergy

Katie Fergus had worked for the financial side of the health care field since 2004, but as a CPA she realized she loved the feel of smaller practices and made career changes. In 2016, she wrote a business plan for a consulting firm and began the life-changing journey of entrepreneurship. Her financial consulting firm FinanSynergy […]