On Demand Small Business Training

From learning how to start a business to learning how to operate and grow your business, Americas SBDC Iowa has experienced counselors and resources that will help fulfill your training needs. 

Smart Start Series

This free video series is a great start led by our Iowa Western SBDC Center Director, Sue Pitts. The series will take you through the planning process all the way through the fine details of critical decisions, developing a business plan and cash flow projections. Please fill out the brief form below to gain access and we will be in touch to help along the way.

Serie De Comience Bien

Esta serie de video gratis es un buen comienzo y está grabada por Himar Hernández. La serie le llevará desde el proceso de planificación, pasando por los detalles de como tomar las decisiones claves, hacer un plan de negocio y hacer proyecciones financieras Por favor llene este formulario para tener acceso y le contactaremos para ayudarle en cada paso.

Cybersecurity Webinar

Jim Drever with Wyoming SBDC discusses Cyber Security 101 tips including password protections, back ups, phishing & ransomware. fill out the brief form below to gain access and we will be in touch to help along the way.

Opportunity Zone Webinar

Join Catherine Lyons, Director of Policy at the Economic Innovation Group, as she covers how opportunity zones work, trends we’re seeing in the market and how businesses can leverage the incentive in their communities.

Pricing and Retail Strategies

Join Tom Shay, from Profits Plus, for this four-part series on pricing and retail strategies. You’ll learn how to calculate the cost of dead inventory, how different promotions will affect sales, and how to shop for inventory that will get you sales. Tom will also give you a tutorial on the free-to-use business calculators available on his website. 

Digital Marketing Series

This free webinar series will teach you how to utilize digital marketing tools for your small business. SBDC Counselors and local experts will help you build your website, craft a business Facebook page, and more.