Shop Sooner Initiative

#ShopSooner encourages consumers to begin their holiday shopping sooner than usual to help small businesses navigate pandemic-related supply chain issues.

Did you know that in 2020, 79% of shoppers waited until mid-December to start buying their holiday gifts?

Due to a number of factors impacting small businesses, this late shopping led to many people receiving their gifts after the holidays were already over.

This year, we need you to #ShopSooner!
Shopping Sooner doesn't just help small businesses, consumers benefit too!

Participate in the Shop Sooner Challenge

Post a photo of yourself buying something from a small business with #ShopSooner and challenge your friends to do the same. Check out some photos from our challenge so far!

Start your holiday shopping now on Shop Iowa

Contact us to learn more and get access to our #ShopSooner media kit

Brianna Hall

Marketing Manager

Lisa Shimkat

State Director