Greenfield Lumber Co.

Greenfield Lumber Co.



On January 1st, 2020, Greenfield Lumber Co., was successfully transitioned from Bob and Jean Guikema, to their daughter Rena Freeland and her husband Jimmy. This has been a family-run business for 36 years, and will continue in the family with the succession. Established in 1984, Greenfield Lumber Co. provides customers with quality lumber, paint, hardware and much more.

Although the company is staying in the family, there was a lot to do in the transition, from government requirements, licenses and financing. Rena and Jimmy feel the closing date for their business loan has been their biggest triumph – from working with their accountant, bankers, insurance agents, and parents, to get everything in order.

Rena and Jimmy plan to update the look of their store, and are excited to get started. They also plan to expand into new markets in the community, and to continue building partnerships and trust with their customers.

The Freeland’s are passionate about serving in their community and volunteer for many local organizations. Jimmy will also be serving as the Chairman of the Iowa Lumber Association in 2020.

Rena said, “It is important to make sure you have a good support team around you. This includes accounting, bankers, lawyers, and business advisors. The South Central Iowa SBDC helped us convert from doing all of our accounting on pen and paper to QuickBooks Online. It was a daunting task, but the SBDC was there every step of the way to get all of our questions answered.”

For more information about Greenfield Lumber Co. Visit them at or on Facebook.

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