O’Leary’s Kitchen, Des Moines

O’Leary’s Kitchen, Des Moines


In June of 2016, Valerie Singer went to visit her mother in Montana. Little did she know this trip would reshape her career and stir the entrepreneurial spirit within her. While eating lunch at a local farmers market, Valerie was amazed at the quality and authenticity of the vendor’s Irish Flatbread Sandwiches.  Later that summer, Valerie happened upon an ad on Craigslist for that same mobile food vendor. She quickly returned to Montana and purchased O’Leary’s Kitchen to bring it back to Iowa.

Valerie originally came to America’s SBDC Iowa for assistance in creating a business plan for O’Leary’s Kitchen and would describe her overall experience working with the SBDC as “wonderful and full of information.” By working with the SBDC, Valerie learned how to grow her business during the first year and build onto it for years to come.

O’Leary’s Kitchen’s first year of business has started out gradually to ensure they have everything in place and that they are providing excellent customer satisfaction. In summer of 2017, O’Leary’s has begun vending at the Ankeny Farmer’s Market along with catering and participating in various events. Valerie additionally plans to hire part-time employees next year while she works at O’Leary’s full time.

Valerie says the most surprising part of starting her small business is “how rewarding it is” and would recommend it to the on-the-fence entrepreneur.

For more information on O’Leary’s Kitchen please visit their website at www.olearyskitcheniowa.com




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