Surefire Fitness, Ames

Felicitas Avendano took over Surefire Fitness on January 1, 2023! She started out as client, then a trainer and now the owner. She wants to continue on the philosophy that drew her into Surefire Fitness and continue to make exercising fun. Surefire Fitness is a gym that offers group and personal training to those of all ages. Along with that, they host yoga and Tai Chi classes and kids birthday parties. Their programs are creative, challenging and adaptable to different ability levels.

The people are what make Surefire Fitness so successful. Avendano said, “Our trainers and clients make Surefire Fitness a special place where exercising is enjoyable. When something is enjoyable, people tend to want to do it again, and again, which naturally leads to achieving results”.  They create atmosphere where it is never too late to start a fitness program, or to try something different. They are ready to help those of all ages stay active.

Surefire Fitness is helping those in the Ames community form friendships and connections that extend beyond the gym walls. They work to offer older adults in Ames a place to exercise, connect with others, and build community. Surefire Fitness also supports public schools and other local organizations.

When looking for help with the starting of her business Avendano connected with the Iowa State University SBDC where she got in touch with Regional Director, Leah Locke. Avendano says, “The SBDC has been instrumental in the process of becoming a business owner. From the initial meetings bouncing what seemed like random ideas at the moment, to connecting me to the right resources, I don’t think I would have done it without the support of the SBDC”. She has also just been approved for a TSB loan which she has received much guidance and support from the SBDC counselors.

When looking to the future Surefire Fitness hopes increase the offerings for older adults and expand into other markets. They are also looking for more ways to get involved with their community.

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