Beggin’ for an Eggin’, Creston

Ryan and Bre Elliott’s story begins at a restaurant. They worked there together for 5 years and after some time, they started thinking of ways to open their own restaurant. The stars aligned one day when they happened to drive by an old Little Caesar’s building for lease. They knew that the location was meant to be.  

Ryan and Bre credit the local community as a key part of what makes their businesses successful. They offer affordable food and their eggs and some of their protein is sourced locally from farmers around the Creston, IA area. One big surprise that has come from owning a restaurant is the catering orders. Ryan said one of the best days for Beggin’ for an Eggin’ was the day they fulfilled a 600-person catering order for the local college. Another highlight was when Beggin’ for an Eggin’ was named one of the top 5 omelets in all of Iowa! 

The biggest learning experience for the Elliott’s was when they were trying to open their business. “The initial budget completely changed from what it started at,” Ryan said. “The day-to-day stuff was easy. Figuring out overhead costs and the little things were hard.” Reflecting on the opening for Beggin’ for an Eggin’, Ryan stated that he wished they would’ve opened sooner than late fall.  

There have been a few constants that have contributed to Bre and Ryan’s success. Shopping locally and finding deals have remained important since the beginning. Beggin’ for an Eggin’ possesses a unique name, which makes it easy for customers to find online. Takeout food has been a huge hit since the pandemic started and the Elliot’s have adapted their business to better accommodate that increase. 

The first four months of Beggin’ for an Eggin’ were challenging. However, word of their exceptional food eventually started to spread, and they began to gain customers. One of the key pieces of advice the Elliott’s shared for new business owners is, “Find someone you trust and something you know. Background experience helps a lot. Working as a team is why we do so well.” 

Beggin’ for an Eggin’ received a loan through the SICOG revolving loan program which they said was very helpful. The Elliott’s also thanked Jamie David, Regional Director for the South Central Iowa SBDC for her help. “She was very concise and organized. She gave us a lot of pricing options for our menu and went over every aspect of our business with us.” Looking towards the future, Bre and Ryan would eventually like to open their own sit-down location. They would like this location to be within a 45-minute radius to ensure it runs smoothly. If you would like to keep up with all Beggin’ for an Eggin’ has to offer, check out the links below. 



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