Clínica de aula, Carroll

Sue Gehling, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Carroll, was frustrated by the children’s mental health crisis facing rural Iowa. Having lived in a rural community her entire life, she knew first-hand the struggles families faced trying to access care for their children.  And as one of only a handful of children’s mental health providers in

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Gina Blean y Kelly Heysinger

Unified Therapy Services, Inc., Dubuque The Iowa Small Business Development Center at Northeast Iowa Community College helped Kelly Heysinger and Gina Blean extensively over several years to start and grow their pediatric outpatient therapy business into the successful company it is today. Unified Therapy Services was an unrealized dream when Kelly Heysinger and Gina Blean

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Emily Starr

StarrMatica Learning Systems, Inc., Clinton Emily Starr’s road to entrepreneurship began with a simple request from her school principal, “Tell me how you use technology in your classroom.” After thinking about it, Emily realized she wasn’t using technology, and decided to do something about it. Emily was a fourth grade teacher at Ekstrand Elementary School

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Mike Sexton

Real Time Ag, LLC, Rockwell City Nitrogen and phosphorous run-off from farm fields is a growing problem across the country. In 2010, the EPA proposed water quality standards that a Florida study concluded would cost that state’s agricultural community two billion dollars and put 14,000 agricultural workers out of work. The EPA’s proposed regulations in

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Deb Davis

Sister’s Home Style Entrées, Humboldt Deb Davis is extremely proud of Sister’s Home Style Entrées. Her company makes frozen meals to go and is located in downtown Humboldt. Deb offers family packages, but the majority of the company’s sales are its meals-for-one. Sister’s Home Style Entrées prepares the meals from scratch, packages those meals and then

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