Clearfield Cafe, Clearfield

Amy Jenkins, born and raised in Clearfield, IA recognized a need within her community—a need for a gathering place, a place where locals could sit down, enjoy a hearty meal, and connect over good food and conversation. With determination in her heart and a dream in her mind, Amy has embarked on a journey in an effort to transform her hometown.

Clearfield Cafe wasn’t just a business venture for Amy; it was an opportunity for her to give back to the community she loves. Amy recognized that if the previous owners of the Clearfield Café were to close their doors, Clearfield would be left without a place for people to gather. Drawing from her desire to lift up Clearfield and the chance to work for herself, Amy decided to take the leap into business ownership.

On November 29th, 2022, Amy opened the doors to Clearfield Café. The response from the community was overwhelming. Clearfield, with its modest population, showed to support Amy’s endeavor. It was a proud moment for Amy, and will forever be remembered as one of her highlights of being a business owner.

Starting a business wasn’t without its hurdles. Amy encountered a maze of loopholes, rules, and regulations. Amy tackled each obstacle head-on and credits her previous management experience for helping guide her. Amy also thanked Jamie David, Regional Director of the South Central Iowa SBDC for her help in navigating taxes and technology related issues.

Clearfield Cafe quickly became more than just a place to grab a meal; it has become a cornerstone of the community. Amy’s dedication to her customers, coupled with the support of her loyal patrons, fostered a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the cafe’s walls. It wasn’t long before Clearfield Cafe became known for its warm hospitality and delicious, home-cooked meals.

Amy’s vision doesn’t end with Clearfield Cafe. With the acquisition of her great uncle’s neighboring bar in November 2023, Amy sees an opportunity for growth. She envisions a revitalized space that will serve as an extension of Clearfield Café which features an open floor plan while providing a cost effective expansion.

Amy’s motivation can be found centered in her love for her community. She believes drive and ambition are the aspects Clearfield needs in order to succeed. Amy is proud of her community, and wants to see the town and those who live there prosper. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: seize the opportunity, chase your dreams, and never let anyone deter you from your goals.

“If you tell me not to do something, I’ll probably do it twice just to be sure”, Amy said. “I have a lot of drive and if there is even the slightest glimpse of hope, I’ll go for it”.

As Clearfield Café continues to thrive and evolve, Amy remains focused on her mission to breathe new life into her beloved hometown. With her determination and the love for her community, the future looks bright for Amy Jenkins and Clearfield Café—a beacon of hope in a town filled with promise.

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