Home Sweet Home Cares & Services, Creston

Janet Webb, the founder of Home Sweet Home Cares & Services, embarked on a journey fueled by compassion and a desire to make a difference in the lives of the elderly. The dream of providing non-medical, in-home care for seniors had lingered in her mind for years, but time constraints and the search for resources proved challenging.

In 2020, Janet’s husband, Carl Webb, encouraged her to turn that dream into reality. Facing time limitations, he took it upon himself to research and gather the necessary information. The path to starting the business was marked by hurdles, particularly in finding an insurance company, but a collective effort and shared values motivated the couple to persevere.

“It takes a village,” Janet acknowledged, emphasizing the invaluable support received from the community, past client families, and numerous individuals who offered advice and assistance. All of which have formed a foundation for the business’s success. Janet also credited the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Creston. Ethan Pitts and Jamie David played crucial roles as resources, guiding her through the intricacies of entrepreneurship which has resulted in her wearing multiple “hats”. Janet oversees ownership, marketing duties, and the hiring & training of new Caregivers, all while being a caregiver herself.

The challenges Janet has faced are not without their share of silver linings. Families of clients generously support the venture, sometimes letting Janet keep their deposits to aid the business. Caregivers constantly demonstrate exceptional dedication and often go above and beyond. Many times, they have offered to work overnight to ensure the well-being of the clients.

For Janet, every day presents an opportunity to make a client’s life better. “We want to make a difference”, Janet passionately added. The business aims not just to provide care, but to create a familial bond with clients, making them feel cherished and supported. The caregivers, considered an integral part of the team, diligently document each session, fostering a sense of continuity and personalized care.

While maintaining a dedicated team of caregivers has posed a consistent challenge, Janet’s commitment to the cause remains unwavering. Despite the financial constraints and stiff competition with larger corporations in rural areas, Janet continues the business out of pure love for the elderly and a genuine desire to contribute to their well-being.

“It is very important that we are a community resource for seniors, and they have the choice of staying in their own home if possible”, Janet noted.

“There are not many positive options for our aging loved ones. Sometimes we need to put ourselves in their shoes and imagine what it is like having limited choices in care,” Janet concluded, reflecting on the underserved areas in Iowa such as some South-Central and Southwest Counties.

Janet envisions growth for Home Sweet Home Cares & Services; however, expansion is not just a business goal but a means to fulfill the needs of seniors who lack adequate care options.

In the heart of the business is a genuine concern for clients. Janet emphasizes the importance of making their wishes come true, fostering a comfortable and familial atmosphere during each visit. While it is a paid service, there is an emphasis on building meaningful connections, which are reminiscent of walking into a grandparent’s house and saying “hi” – a sentiment that defines the essence of Home Sweet Home Cares & Services.

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