Wake n Bake Breakfast Company, Burlington

Barbie Jackson and Brandy Hamlin are visionaries. They love to put ideas into action, which is exactly what the couple has done with Wake n Bake Breakfast Company. What was originally intended to become a small breakfast place has now become a well-respected business in the Burlington, IA community. When Barbie and Brandy were looking for a location, they discovered an old tire shop and determined that it would be perfect. Wake n Bake opened in 2018, and Barbie said the past five years have been a blur. 

In 2019, nine months after opening, Wake n Bake won the Business of the Year award during the Main Street Iowa awards. However, this accomplishment doesn’t compare to the overwhelming love and support from the Burlington community. Brandy and Barbie credit the amazing customer service, the energy, and the welcoming atmosphere for Wake n Bake’s success.

Brandy and Barbie are consistently posting on the Wake n Bake Facebook page. They like to prepare for the upcoming week, and they find that customers enjoy knowing what events are occurring in the following days.  

The menu was created by Brandy, and it is based off of her experiences with Barbie. The couple has lived In Portland, OR, Atlanta, GA, and South Carolina. “Experiences, people, places, and concerts have allowed us to tell our story and put our past into our business,” Barbie added. “The donut recipe is also from an old donut shop that has since closed down, but it was once a favorite place.” 

Barbie and Brandy also own a sports bar in South Carolina near the Clemson University campus which they say is doing very well. “It’s funny that the culture is so different. My customers in South Carolina want my t-shirts printed one way and my customers here want them printed another,” Barbie joked.  

When asked what advice she had for someone who was looking to starting their own business, Barbie said, “Harmony is important. It’s important for everyone to be working together. It’s a beautiful thing. Having a vision and a dream is nice, but it doesn’t mean anything unless it gets put into action.” 

After living in South Carolina for thirty years, Brandy and Barbie are hoping to make their way back. They have currently begun moving some things from Iowa back to South Carolina, but it has been a slow process. Barbie and Brandy would also like Wake n Bake to be franchised. “There is a lot of opportunity for what we do and how our business runs. The community really built up around us when we came here and opened. It would be interesting to see how we would do in a large city”, Barbie concluded.  

If you’re planning on going to Wake n Bake, Brandy and Barbie suggest getting there before 2pm and they also recommend coming on Friday when the bands play.  

If you would like to keep up with the Wake n Bake Breakfast Company or want a bite to eat, check out the links below: 

Website: https://wakenbakebreakfast.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wakenbakebreakfast/

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