Aurelia Childbirth Education, Ames

After working as a Midwife, Megan Sloat, saw the need for community childbirth education and support. Aurelia Childbirth education is midwife-led, evidence based childbirth located in Ames, IA. Aurelia provides extra support for you and your family, whether one is planning a pregnancy, pregnant or somewhere else in the childbearing years.

Sloat says, “This is our mission, to provide a safe and warm place for transformation. Becoming a parent, becoming a family, taking on the challenges of pregnancy and birth-it’s big work. We want to be along for the ride to support you and we value in-depth, evidence-based, critical thinking, listening, acceptance and equity.” Aurelia sees that families need all the extra support during the childbearing years and that’s what they want to provide.

They offer courses that are helpful, supportive and empowering to families all along with connecting with a community that will grow them as they navigate the transitions and questions that pervade pregnancy, birth and parenthood. As resources permit, in the future Aurelia Childbirth is looking to offer more classes that would be supportive to the community and including lactation and mental health support.

Sloat met with the SBA at the beginning of her visioning and they were able to give helpful idea of where to look in terms of resources for business planning and marketing development. She also worked with Regional Director, Leah Locke. Sloat says, “SBDC was integral in helping me to imagine the way forward in creating my business. I appreciate the insight both in terms of resources and encouragement. They were kind, receptive and thoughtful and ultimately empowered me to take the next steps that got Aurelia to where it is now.”

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