Hellcat Technologies, Tabor

Hellcat Technologies located in Tabor Iowa, creates software and mobile application solutions for the telecom industry.  They address multi-billion-dollar problems in the industry due to inefficiencies with inaccurate or late submission of paperwork while enhancing and promoting efficient, profitable project management.  This is all done using mobile applications that interface directly with an admin cloud portal.  Steve Wozniak a contractor could see a need for something better, he said,  “I experienced all these problems firsthand.”  So, Steve got to work seeing just how big of a problem this really was.  After talking with several other contractors, he knew there had to be a solution.  Steve then sought the help of Jason Blackburn a software programmer analyst of 20+ years, and together they started Hellcat Technologies in 2019 (www.hellcattechnologies.com).  “Steve brought the design and requirements while I work on the technical side creating and designing the framework.  So, it’s two coming together as one,” said Jason.   

Both Steve and Jason feel they have been successful so far with help from the SBDC counselors and staff.  “Working with the Rural Business Innovators (RBI) program and their team was instrumental in bringing Hellcat to life,” said Jason.  RBI is a start-up accelerator designed specifically for rural tech businesses to help develop ideas and connect them with resources throughout the state of Iowa.  RBI staff have worked closely with Steve and Jason to refine their business model strategies and assisted with the development of videos, targeted messaging, and pitch deck content that proved critical in attracting investors and financing.  “Hellcat Technologies was an ideal candidate for the RBI program and illustrates how entrepreneurs throughout the state can address real world problems and launch exciting new business when the resources are readily available.” says Raymond Hanson talking about the roll the SBDC and the RBI program has played in Hellcat’s early stages.

Both Steve and Jason are excited for the next phase in their business.  “We are in the process of beta testing and offering the industry a solution that will help our customers be more efficient and profitable,” said Steve.  “We intend Hellcat to become embedded in the telecom industry and kind of become a household name.”

For more information: https://www.hellcattechnologies.com/

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