Malwood USA, Ottumwa

Cherielynn Westrich is the owner of Malwood USA. Westrich has an eclectic past in the automotive industry, as she is well known as a Car Builder on the reality TV show Overhaulin’ and has also appeared as a car builder and fabricator on multiple other reality shows. Cherielynn has worked out of some of the top garages in the Orange County, California area and has previously owned her own garage in California.

A trade show in Australia gave Cherielynn her idea for Malwood USA’s primary product, the Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Kit. This product was previously only manufactured and sold in Australia for right hand drive vehicles. Cherielynn has designed her kits to fit US applications. Cherielynn received permission from the producer Mal Wood to modify and sell the product in the United States. Malwood USA sources all of its components from local manufacturers and performs light assembly to create the hydraulic clutch system.

In 2021, Cherielynn moved to the Indian Hills Regional Entrepreneurship Center, where she worked with the Indian Hills Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The SBDC connected Cherielynn with a QuickBooks expert, helped with her marketing and rebranding of her business, and gave her export shipping information. Cherielynn stated, “Working with the SBDC has been a life-changing experience. I have worked with experts in bookkeeping services to streamline my operations. My international shipping and importing products has become a much easier process. I have gotten great advice from the experts working with the SBDC. Kelly Prickett has been instrumental in giving me guidance in communications and marketing. She has advised me and helped facilitate relationships between myself and experts to help with all aspects of my business.”

Aside from being a successful small business owner, Cherielynn is busy helping out her community. Cherielynn is a state legislator to help ensure that small businesses in Iowa have the right environment for success. She also speaks at schools about turning her passion into a profession, hoping to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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