Multiservices R&M, Mt. Pleasant

Ronald and Magaly Carrillo started Multiservices R&M Inc. in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in 2012. The company provides its customers with various cleaning and janitorial services, as well as painting, power washing, and landscaping. Meeting people, developing connections, being honest and fair, and providing top-notch service to customers is the secret behind the success of the company. The business started when Ronald had an opportunity to do cleaning and maintenance jobs for a business owner in Mt. Pleasant. Ronald worked full-time at a manufacturer, was taking college classes through Southeastern Community College, and helped his wife raise three daughters, but somehow found the time to work a side job, thus starting his own business. Ronald quickly learned that maintaining a good relationship with the customers would help grow his business. The business grew through word of mouth, and Ronald’s wife Magaly, and their three daughters soon joined the company as owners. The business has grown from 2 to 45 customers over the years.

The Carrillo’s are from Guatemala, and not only is Ronald a business owner, but a volunteer soccer coach for Iowa Wesleyan University. “I wanted to give back to the community”, says Ronald. Many of Multiservices R&M employees are students at the University. “I want to be a mentor to them. I am an immigrant, and I want them to know that they can work hard and follow their dreams too.”

Very early in the start of the company, Ronald contacted the Southeastern Community College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and was able to work with Janine Clover to learn more about growing and managing a business. “Ronald had all kinds of questions about managing a business”, states Janine. The SBDC counselor continues to meet with the couple regularly, as Magaly has recently learned QuickBooks and business taxes. Ronald feels extremely blessed to have worked with Janine and the SBDC, saying, “Mrs. Clover and the SBDC have helped us very much in learning how to operate a business, and to understand taxes, employees, and alerting us if there are other learning and growth opportunities available to us.”

Ronald recently completed the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program at the urging of his SBDC counselor. “I had the interest to learn more about business,” said Carrillo. “I wanted to grow my business, and there was an opportunity for me to participate in this course. ”The couple was recently honored in Washington D.C. by Goldman Sachs 10K for their growth plan. “The SBDC and Janine Clover have been a huge help to our business growth. She is always available for us, and is always encouraging to us,” states Ronald.

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