Project C Dance Company, Creston

Project C Dance Company was founded in the Spring of 2021 by Cassity Conley. Conley strives to offer every child the chance to dance. From the learning of basic movement to advanced technical training, Project C aspires to provide it all. They seek to equip dancers with the knowledge and opportunities necessary for growth and success. Conley strives to provide a curriculum for all ages and skill levels that focuses on individual growth and finding a passion for the art of dance.

SBDC Iowa Regional Director Jamie David spoke about her work with Cassity and Project C, “Cassity first came to see me in January 2021 to share her vision and passion for owning her own dance studio. I will forever remember her energy when she met with me for the first time and her determination to take that vision and turn it into reality! She was willing to put in whatever work she needed to make it happen, and she did just that less than a year later with her grand opening in her newly constructed facility in September 2021.

If you follow her dance studio on social media, you get a picture of what it’s like to be a student at Project C. You can see that Cassity shares her passion of dance with her students, cares for each and every one of them, and celebrates right alongside them! Reading her parent testimonials on her website, you can see that she is a trusted mentor in the lives of those students and is making an impact not only in the dance community but the community as a whole with her impact on those families.

As she moves into her second year this fall, you can be sure Cassity’s passion and drive will continue propelling her business forward, allowing her to continue being a positive, upbeat, and inspiring mentor to those students she serves.”

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