Sioux City Sprinkler, Sergeant Bluff

Tori and Brad Jackson purchased Sioux City Sprinkler in 2006. Sioux City Sprinkler was originally founded in 1977, and the business installs and repairs lawn irrigation systems for both residential and commercial customers.

Attention to detail with their long-standing customer base and customer service is a key value in Sioux City Sprinkler. Tori and Brad remind their technicians frequently that “treating the customers like family is important, and you should leave their lawn the way you would want yours to be left.” This attention to detail in customer service has made their business successful for 45 years.

Tori and Brad reached out to the Western Iowa Tech SBDC for business advice and worked with Regional Director, Todd Rausch. “Todd has been amazing, from the moment we started working with him in 2015. He has been very informative,” said Tori Jackson. “Everyone at SBDC has been wonderful in giving us knowledge or resources so we could gain the knowledge.”

Tori has seen a remarkable change in the state of small business over the last 40 years and hopes this continues into the next 40. The state of small business has become much more hands-on now than it was forty years ago. Tori appreciates this and hopes it continues further for future small business owners. In the next forty years, Tori hopes to see small businesses become more digitized and more digitally available. She would like to see more small businesses grow and expand in the next forty years.

Tori and Brad have grown their own business in recent years, which has been very exciting. In the past two years, they have added new services to their business, such as concrete curbing. The Jacksons hope to add even more services to their business over the next few years. Another big celebration for the two, brick and mortar. In 2018, after 12 years of renting, Tori and Brad built a building. They would like to continue to grow and add as many service technicians as they can in the future.

Tori offers some simple advice to anyone looking to start their own business. She says, “Hire a CPA and know the back office of your business.” Both of those will be great assets to help you on your adventure. Tori also recalls how having people in their corner while they purchased and navigated owning the small business was terrific.

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