All Things Advertising, Mason City

The Founder and Owner of All Things Advertising, Miriah Whitehurst, is an Iowa Native and North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) Alumni.  As a NIACC Alumni she knew the NIACC Pappajohn Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development Center was a great resource to help her grow her business.

Miriah visited America’s SBDC Iowa in March of 2016 to learn how to successfully pitch All Things Advertising to prospective clients.  She utilized the Start Smart workshop as a resource and spoke to her Launch & Grow Your Business class as she grew in her confidence for pitching her business. Miriah expressed “I knew right away that SBDC was a place where I could come to for advice and structure.  I enjoyed Pappajohn and SBDC Center and their staff as their mission aligned with my mission to capture the essence of every business we work with and market it in innovative ways so that clients love them.”

All Things Advertising is a place where companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs come to skyrocket their business results through effective marketing strategies. They dive deep into your brand; business and market to make sure you are communicating the right message across all your marketing channels.  Their specialty is transforming ideas and concepts into action and results “from concept to commerce.”  To do that they rely on a team of seasoned web designers, copywriters and brand strategists and a portfolio of services that ranges from website design and social media consulting, to email marketing.

Her mentor, Brook Boehmler, of the NIACC Pappajohn & SBDC Center adds, “Miriah is doing great things here in North Iowa.  She is a great listener and believes in what her and her clients are doing.”

Miriah looks forward to expanding her business, meeting new customers, and growing her business’ base. She knows she has not finished growing as an entrepreneur, but knows “this is where she’s meant to be.” Miriah mentioned her grandfather instilled within her the merits of hard work and dedication and that taking one-step at a time is better than running full speed. She plans to continue to live out this virtue as she grows All Things Advertising in the years to come.

For more information about All Things Advertising, please visit their website at or contact Miriah directly at 641-420-0397.

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