Buchheit Law, PLC, Sergeant Bluff

Six years ago, Lindsey Buchheit and her husband, Dave, moved to the budding community of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa so that their children could attend its exceptional school system. Having previously worked as an attorney for two Sioux City law firms, Lindsey established Sergeant Bluff’s only law firm in June of 2013. Buchheit Law and lawyers for probate claims focuses its practice in probate, family law, and business law, and serves clients within a roughly 90 mile radius. Lindsey is licensed to practice law in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, which are all relatively close to Sergeant Bluff.

Lindsey’s husband had heard of the services offered by America’s SBDC Iowa and encouraged her to contact the Sioux City center. Shortly after starting her firm, Lindsey met with Todd Rausch, the center’s director. Todd offered Lindsey general business advice, which included, among other things, forming a business plan. One year later, Buchheit Law purchased a vacant lot in Sergeant Bluff and constructed a 3131 square foot building. Lindsey credits her success in part to the SBDC and mentors like Todd.

In less than 18 months, Lindsey built and moved into her own building, and leased 1,000 square feet of the building to a chiropractic business. She has two full-time employees that serve as the firm’s paralegal and legal executive assistant.

“It’s been nice that since I have used the SBDC services I have also been able to refer other clients to the SBDC when they need assistance,” says Lindsey, who recently became a member of the SBDC’s local and state advisory boards. She was also recognized as the SBDC’s business of the month in February 2015.

“Part of our success is that people like the small business structure, so I don’t want to lose sight of that,” Lindsey says. “My plan is to stay small, but continue to grow with staff, to help us get quality work out quickly and efficiently.”

Most of Lindsey’s clients come from referrals or word-of-mouth advertising. She has established the firm on numerous social media accounts, invested in a regular radio spot, and recently launched a television commercial about the firm’s estate planning services. Since January of 2014, her firm’s revenue is 5.5 times higher than it was a year earlier.

The community-focused attorney regularly updates a blog on her website to continue educating clients and the public. Lindsey also writes articles for the local newspaper and speaks at various events. Buchheit Law supports multiple local charities as well as the local school system. Lindsey is the President of the Siouxland Estate Planning Council, and serves as Secretary of both the Center for Siouxland and the Sergeant Bluff Community Development Corporation.

To learn more about this Sergeant Bluff, Iowa law firm and their capabilities, visit the Buchheit Law website at www.buchheitlaw.net or its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BuchheitLaw?fref=ts.

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