Caring Hands and More, Iowa City

Caring Hands and More, Iowa City

Bruce Teague started Caring Hands & More in 2004 after having worked in the industry at the young age of 19. He realized he had a passion for working with end-of-life patients and with their families. He felt strongly that he should be able to help people stay at home during their final days and not go to an institution if they did not need or want to.

Bruce started Caring Hands & More in a mobile home with only 2 employees and has now grown to 10 group living locations and 90 employees while also serving clients on an individual basis as well. He shows every day that he has the passion and drive to make his business grow and succeed while also caring strongly about the work he is doing and the people he is helping. He is also extremely active in his community by being recently elected as Mayor of Iowa City and serving on City Council since 2018. He advocates regularly for minority-owned businesses and has maintained a positive attitude during the pandemic even though his business has been struggling. “I am hopeful that I step out of this year having learned a lot. COVID has really made us bond together as a community,” Bruce said.

Bruce has been helped by the University of Iowa SBDC for over 20 years. He first met Paul Heath, Regional Director, while in college simultaneously at Kirkwood and the University of Iowa. Paul helped Bruce with the inception of his business and has kept in touch with him throughout his journey. He continues to keep him apprised of programs that would be valuable for him and has provided plenty of technical assistance as well. “Paul provides technical assistance, will walk you through and give you whatever support you need in whatever stage of your business. Paul has knowledge at some level. That’s what I really appreciate about Paul, his wealth of knowledge and he’s very patient,” said Bruce.

Bruce also wanted to stress the importance of supporting your local minority-owned businesses, “Minority businesses – equal opportunity – being a little intentional and researching what minority-owned businesses are in your community and giving them support. If you’re used to going to Walmart for your hair products maybe go to a minority-owned business and purchase from them. A smaller grocery store that may have some ethnic foods, go to your small local ethnic store,” he said.

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