Director Spotlight: Todd Rausch, Veteran SBDC Advisor

In recognition of National Veterans Small Business Week, we interviewed Todd Rausch, to ask him about his experience as a veteran working for America’s SBDC Iowa. Todd is the Regional Director for the Western Iowa Tech SBDC.

“What inspired you to serve in the military and what exactly did you do/achieve over the course of your military service?”

“I was going into my junior year of college and was broke. The recruiter offered me $5,000 (which was a lot of money back then) to join in combat arms. I chose tanks. My first unit was a Cavalry Squadron patrolling the Iron Curtain. This was the Cold War and seeing communism up close and personal made me realize the importance of freedom. I served 7 years of active duty as an Enlisted Reaching NCO. I went to Kansas State University, and served in the Kansas State ROTC and was commissioned as an Armor Officer and spent 4 years in the Kansas Guard and 4 years in the Iowa Guard.”

“What made you want to become an SBDC director?”

“I was a business owner and adjunct business instructor when a colleague let me know a position had opened at Western Iowa Tech Community College that would suit me. I did not know about the SBDC at the time. I did some research and found out how awesome the SBDC is and the rest is history.”

“How many other veterans have you helped with starting their own businesses?”

“We have helped many veterans start their business, but also assisted in expanding or improving their business. Veterans by nature are risk-takers and go-getters. We are driven to succeed and do well with developing and executing plans. Veterans also understand the value of free enterprise and the amazing opportunities we have here in the United States.”

“What’s the most rewarding part about being an SBDC Director?”

“The most rewarding part of being an SBDC Director is helping people achieve their dreams! That is what we do whether they are starting up, expanding, or doing succession planning. It is part of the American dream.”

To read more about Todd’s time working with Veteran business owners, here’s a link to his article “The Gift of the Power to Choose”:

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