Lucinda Harms Nutritional Wellness, West Liberty

After becoming a pharmacist, Lucinda Harms worked in a traditional pharmacy until she discovered integrative health. She had her own experience in healing without using prescription medication, and her passion for finding alternative options for healthy living has grown since 1997. In October of 2016, Lucinda decided to leave her current job and start Lucinda Harms Nutritional Wellness. She is now a licensed pharmacist that uses nutritional supplements and herbs, diet, and lifestyle recommendations to help people achieve better health.

When starting her new business, Lucinda reached out to Amy Dutton from the University of Northern Iowa SBDC for help with business planning, marketing, and adjusting to her new work lifestyle. Amy helped her realize that her time, knowledge, and advice was valuable, and assisted her in restructuring her business. Lucinda said, “Amy helped me by putting the business in my business.  Her guidance was very helpful.”

Since 2016, Lucinda Harms Nutritional Wellness has grown. In 2018, her revenues have increased by 250%. She has worked with a chiropractor to create a personalized weight management program that includes a dose of Fat Injection in Boston. In this 12 week program, they focus on a lifestyle change instead of just dieting and working out like a majority of weight loss programs. Everyone who has actively participated in the program has had success. Lucinda also hosts free educational programming for her community, and offers a nutritional wellness series focused on healthy eating.

Lucinda hopes to continue to expand the weight management program and her clientele by offering an educational series to assist in living a healthier life. For more information about Lucinda Harms Nutritional Wellness, please visit her website at or her Facebook page at

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