Minnehan Metal Works, LLC

In 1993, Minnehan Metal Works, LLC began as a welding and farm repair shop in a garage in Churdan. Anthony and Tami Minnehan have grown their company over the years, and earned a reputation as a company that could design and build products that solved problems in the agriculture and commercial industries. Their projects have included custom grain pits, trailers, graders, shooting ranges, and heavy-duty lawn furniture. The Minnehans have made this a family business as all of their children, and well as two of Anthony’s siblings are involved.

Fast forward to 2014, the company created a product called MudOx, which helps clients safely pull combines out of a wet field. They wanted to market the product on a larger scale and were not sure how to do this. Through the advice of their financial advisor, they contacted the North Central Iowa SBDC.

In working with Darcy Swon, Business Counselor for the North Central Iowa SBDC, the company received recommendations to market their company, improve their website, and were connected with a videographer. They also worked on improving their presence on social media and strategies on building customer relationships. Darcy also referred them to the ISU Startup Factory, which assisted with customer discovery and sales practices that have greatly helped their company.

Tami Minnehan said, “We found the SBDC to be helpful and eager to work with us. We were given recommendations on programs we could apply for, marketing advice, and contact information. Whenever we asked for help, Darcy was there. We would highly recommend this service to any business.”

For more information about Minnehan Metal Works, LLC, visit www.mmetalworks.com or on Facebook.

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